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Our Residential Programs exist to provide long-term assistance to individuals. Our hope for these programs is that people will leave their stay with us healed, refreshed, and empowered to follow their God-given dreams.



What is a Growth Home?

A Growth Home is a 9 month residential program that is broken into 5 phases. Each phase provides a strong foundation for spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental growth. Through classes, serving opportunities, mentorship, counseling, and a strong community, our hope is that our residents will leave their stay with us feeling equipped and empowered for their next steps.

Our Growth Homes have multiple post-graduation tracks for the individuals that we serve:

  • Education Track (additional 6 months)

  • Work Track (additional 6 months)

  • CityBeat Internship Track (additional time depending on individual)

Who is this home for?

“The Nest” Growth Home is specifically for homeless or addicted women. This is not a temporary shelter or a halfway house. This home is for those who want to commit to a 9-12 month, structured Christian recovery program.

How can I help?

You can donate by clicking here. It costs $6,500 a year to house one individual. That’s a little over $540 a month, or $125 a week.

You can also have the opportunity for individuals to sponsor individual rooms within our Growth Home as part of our Adopt-A-Room program. Learn more by clicking here.

How can I or someone I know get into the Growth Home?

You can start the process by submitting an online application at the link below, or you can email Ashley Michael at if you have any questions. We will schedule an interview from there, and then work to get you into the home if you meet the program requirements.

Do I have to detox before I come?

CityBeat’s Growth Homes are not a detox facility, and therefore we ask that all individuals detox before they come into our home.


We have the opportunity for individuals to sponsor individual rooms within our Growth Home as part of our Adopt-A-Room program. By sponsoring a room, you are making a statement to the community and to our residents that you are personally committed to being a part of the solution for women experiencing homelessness and addiction in Baltimore. 

The funds that you provide go directly to our Growth Home and help to offset costs for meals, utilities, and services provided to the residents served in each room.  On top of providing the funds, we encourage each of our sponsors to take a tour of the Growth Home to see the room that they have personally adopted. We encourage you to come in with your co-workers or family, get to know our women, and improve your sponsored room with new bedding, new paint, new art, etc.  This is such an amazing and unique opportunity to make the room more welcoming for our women, and will be such an incredible experience for you as well!

When you sponsor a room, your sponsorship plaque will hang in unison with the room name plaque.  Your sponsorship plaque will state your name or your company’s name as the room sponsor and whether or not you are honoring or remembering someone with your sponsorship.  Each room sponsorship package is priced on the other side of this pamphlet, and all sponsorships are for one year terms (current room sponsors will have the opportunity to recommit their annual sponsorship before the rooms are released to the community at the end of their current year term). 

Consider joining with us to leave a legacy of hope for the women of Baltimore. 









The Harvest Room (Kitchen)

Marcy Krawczyk & Kalyn Harris

The Refuge Room (Staff Apartment)

Roy & Tracey Stuenes

The Safe Haven (Garden)

Rick & LuAnn Robinson

Deb's Room (Sunroom)

John & Michele Dockman

The Sunflower Room (Bedroom)

Eastern Assembly of God

The Hummingbird Room (Bedroom)

Colleen coleman